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Raise Against Hunger : Combining Science and Kindness.

I am pleased to share with you about a very successful project titled “Raise Against Hunger” by Yayasan Nanyang Press , partnered with Bumiati Holdings Sdn Bhd and cosponsored by UBMMG Holdings ( Informa Markets Malaysia).

I was humbled to personally visit one of

the the food distribution centers in Kuala Lumpur and was touched by those who I met. I realised that it was not just the food, the mere show of Kindness and care was equally important. Over 27,000 free meals will be served by this partnership. 100% of the contribution reaches the needy as the overheads of the Foundation is absorbed by Nanyang Press.

I encourage all corporates to do whatever we can during this Pandemic and beyond to show Kindness. I truly believe, no one should go hungry. It is society’s duty to relieve the hunger of the needy. To help right now, there are two things that are very important.; One is Science and the other is Kindness.

Without kindness, the vaccines alone will not relieve the suffering of people. So it is extremely important that we combine Science with Kindness.

You may visit the following FB page to support this excellent work or start something similar where possible:

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